Not All Who Wander Are Lost… But Some Are

Sometimes life destroys you. Sometimes it burns you to the ground. In March 2021 that’s what happened to me. In just 4 weeks I went from happily-ever-after to widowed-mother-of-five after making a dark and twisted discovery about my husband. Rather than be consumed by the fire, I choose to be transformed. This is my story. Watch me rise.

Sunset Cliffs Natural Park | Ocean Beach

I have a wandering soul.

My heart is happiest when it is free, roaming new places, exploring new sights and taking on new adventures.

After all, life is short and it’s meant to be lived. You only live once, right? 

Actually, that’s not quite accurate.

I once read somewhere, you don’t live once — you die once; you get to live every single day.

Wow, talk about a shift in perspective!

Think about that…

We get to live every – single – day.

But often we don’t live our days; we lose them. 

I’ve lost many days lately.

In fact, I’ve experienced quite a few incredible losses in my life recently.

I’ve lost relationships, dreams and confidence.

I’ve lost my husband: the father of my children, my partner, my teammate, my best friend.

I’ve lost my business: a dream I had conceived, labored and birthed into existence over the past 5 years; a source of energy for my heart and soul.

I’ve lost a sense of trust, self assurance, and security.

I’ve lost the life and the future that we were building for our family.

I’ve lost years of my life.

And lately I’ve just been feeling pretty lost as a person.

So I decided to carpe diem, feed my vagabond soul, and take some much-needed mommy time: to wander. 

Naturally, my Cancer soul is drawn to the water, so I chose to spend my little hiatus in Southern California.

I soaked up the sunshine, the salty sea air and the endless blue skies. I took in the sights, ate good food and allowed myself to rest.

And I spent time reconnecting mind and body with my personal Yoga practice.

One of things that I love about San Diego is that Yoga studios are EVERYWHERE. This includes aerial yoga studios, too! On this trip I was able to catch a class at one of them, a unique wellness center located in La Jolla called Trilogy Sanctuary

Trilogy Sanctuary | La Jolla

Trilogy Sanctuary is a trifecta of holistic services: a vegan cafe, a Yoga studio and training center, and a totem boutique. It’s definitely a place you’ll want to check out if you’re in the area!

You can take in a variety of classes, workshops and special events, sample the all-natural menu, or shop the boutique for plant-based cosmetics, essential oils, sustainable clothing and other cool must-haves.

One of the coolest features is definitely the Yoga Healing Dome, but my personal favorite was the outdoor set-up for aerial yoga. 

I booked the class on the app, which was quick and easy, and received an email detailing where to go and what to bring. When I arrived, the studio was clearly marked and I made my way upstairs to where aerial  was going to be held – on the rooftop! I stepped off of the elevator and was met with a view that took my breath away. 

View from the rooftop at Trilogy Sanctuary

After snapping a couple of quick pics, I stepped up to the silks and unrolled my mat. The instructor, Olivia, greeted me warmly and asked about my aerial experience, welcoming me into the group of students who were clearly at home at Trilogy.

As we began our practice, Olivia explained that we were focusing on the water element and encouraged us to flow through our postures. She reminded us that like water, life is fluid, unpredictable, a little choppy at times… but if we keep treading, keep swimming, we can also experience its beauty, wonder and life-giving energy.

Sea lions at La Jolla Cove

We progressed through warm-ups to upper body and core work, swimming through poses as we worked with the water element. We flowed through basic inversions and into lower body stretches that had us floating over the ground. Finally, we nestled into our cocoons for a few moments of savasana before closing out our practice and heading into the day.

My instructor was wonderful; she was patient, kind and helpful. There wasn’t nearly enough time to enjoy all that Trilogy has to offer, but I hope to get back and try soon!

The only thing I didn’t care for was the distraction of the cafe during class.

The cafe tables are set up along the rooftop, right next to the aerial rig. It was a little uncomfortable to look up and find i was being stared at during class while someone ate their breakfast.

And while the aromas coming from the kitchen were delectable, the noise from the tables was a distraction during savasana – a point in class where I usually enjoy the quiet for meditation. It was a mild inconvenience, but certainly not enough to keep me from coming back!

After class, I took my mat and headed down to the beach at La Jolla Cove. I walked along the coast, checking out the shops, sights and sea lions. Eventually I found a little nook that was slightly hidden from the crowds of beach-goers. I spread out my mat, lifted my face toward the sun and let my body naturally flow as it needed. 

I’m not sure what I’m looking for…

It was here that I felt the sun begin to shine through the parts of me that are broken, the parts that are lost. I felt warmth; I felt beauty; I felt a tiny part of me healing. Then I meditated as the sun danced on the glistening water and Mother Nature did her thing in my soul. 

…but I think I found it.

My time on the mat didn’t give me all the answers; I still feel lost. And tired. And sad.

But do you know what it did give me?




And a reminder of how important it is to stop and find myself every once in a while.  

Even if I’m lost, I’m glad I took the time to wander. 

Where’s your favorite place to wander for Aerial Yoga? Drop their website or social media links in the comments. I’d love to check them out!

Published by Krystal Casey

Founder and registered Yoga teacher Krystal Casey is a mom of five who discovered Yoga in 2014 as a way to help cope with her own postpartum depression and anxiety. As a woman with a history of trauma, motherhood had unlocked a portal of pain she didn't realized existed within her. Years of traditional therapy and medication had proved unsuccessful, so Krystal began searching for a more natural alternative of healing. This began the journey that led her to Yoga. Inspired by the positive changes she experienced, Krystal became an online health and fitness coach to support other women with similar struggles. She soon found herself training to teach various fitness classes and certified by the American Council of Exercise (ACE) as a group fitness instructor. In 2018, while opening what she designed to be a dance-fitness studio, Krystal discovered the beauty that is Aerial Yoga and instantly fell in love! She has since certified in Aerial Yoga, Yoga for Kids, and Yoga for Children with Special Needs. In 2021 Krystal and her family faced tragedy once again; her husband was charged with several felony counts of sexual abuse against a minor and he overdosed on methamphetamine and alcohol before justice was served. This devastated her. But with 5 sets of eyes watching and impressionable hearts learning, she refused to give up. Instead, she returned to her practice and her tribe, and let them carry her through it. Now, she uses her training and these experiences to help women overcome trauma and the challenges it brings.

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